After passing the bar, attorney Cassandra Michel knew she wanted to open her own family law practice, Aloha Divorce, focusing on amicable divorces and family law. 

Adriana dives into how a new lawyer can open a successful practice as she walks through the process of establishing a brand, creating a business plan, and networking. Choosing the right tech, deciding on using a home office, shared office, or standalone brick and mortar? Marketing? Sponsorships? Referrals? Even learning to efficiently block off time and learning how to say “no” when the client isn’t the right fit. It’s all part of getting out there and going solo. Yes, you can.

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  • Get organized before you open the door. Understand your brand, your goals, and even yourself.
  • Home office, virtual practice, shared workspace, or standalone office. What’s right for you?
  • Choosing and using the tech you need. Learn how a new solo practitioner balanced the right tech at the right price. 
  • Using time blocks to efficiently manage your time.

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  • Veteran attorney and mediation professional Liz McCausland answers questions from new solo Stephanie Larenas:
  • Question 2/4: “How to pick your niche in an ever-more diversified market?”


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