Guest Joanne Martin is an inspiration to anyone considering a career change later in life. She’s a family law attorney in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. While she vigorously represents her clients, she strives to create a respectful and collaborative environment when settling family law issues, including divorce and separation, especially when children are involved.

Martin had a successful career in film and television, as well as a husband and four children, when she returned to school to earn her law degree. It can be done. Second careers do happen.

After law school and working with a firm, Martin launched her solo practice, Align Family Law. Hear how she built a firm based on her values and understanding of the family dynamic, striving to help divorcing clients work toward respectful solutions. She also offers valuable insights into how she set up her office, built a website, developed written content, selected practice management software, developed a transparent pricing model, and learned to establish virtual video client consultations that work.

As a bonus, even established solo practitioners may pick up some tips from Martin’s innovative approach to initial consultations, client intake, retainers, and avoiding potential conflicts.

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  • Later-in-life career changes can and do happen. Hear from an attorney who went to law school and established a solo practice after building a family and a successful career.
  • A thorough, honest intake process not only keeps potential clients from wasting time, but also helps you weed out clients who may not appreciate your values and approach.
  • Plus, learn why you should NOT buy Microsoft 365 through a third party, such as GoDaddy (you may need a pro to undo that misstep).

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