Guest Ana “Ani” P. Rodriguez-Newbern is a “do-gooder,” a Florida lawyer dedicated to service both to the state of Florida and to the public good. She serves on multiple legal committees while her small family firm, Tangel-Rodriguez & Associates, represents the Florida Department of Revenue in child support matters. She shares how working with both her mother and brother blends every aspect of professional and family life. (Not to mention, her father is a retired judge).

Rodriguez-Newbern’s firm has only one client, the State of Florida, through a contract for the past 30 years. The firm specializes in child support cases in Orange County, Florida, working for the state on behalf of residents receiving public assistance. The state contract makes up the firm’s entire book of business.

Interested in a government contract? Both city and state websites are a good place to look, as well as networking to learn when contracts may be coming up.

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  • Learn about how a small, family, firm has prospered for 30 years with just one client: the State of Florida.
  • Working in a firm with family members can be a challenge, but it can be rewarding as well. Family and professional life blend into one.
  • Small, niche firms can always find ways to integrate technology, even if that’s at a careful, slow pace.