Li McCausland Photo

Liz McCausland was a partner in a mid-sized insurance defense firm when she took a good look at her life and decided she had strayed from all the reasons she became a lawyer. Although she enjoyed trial work, her need to be of service to others was not satisfied with her career path. This realization moved Liz to leave law firm life and start her law firm concentrating on bankruptcy and mediation. Liz’s niche of bankruptcy mortgage modification mediations has resulted in her mediating over 4,000 mediations in 5 different states using remote and cloud-based technology.

Liz immediately learned that as a solo/ small firmer she needed to be efficient, have low overhead, and essentially clone herself. That is when Liz started her journey along the path of using technology to be more efficient, keep costs down and represent her clients as well or better than larger firms.

As a problem solver, Liz enjoys helping others resolve issues. For years, she has informally advised lawyers on how to open their law firms and be efficient in their practice. Now, she joins LawTech Partners to bring together her passion for technology, law and helping others under one umbrella.

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