The world is changing, technology is changing, and the threats to your private files and security are changing. The evolution of AI is making it hard to keep up. 

But don’t lose hope. It’s been a while since we’ve had IT expert Adam Alexander with us, but he’s back with more tips for solo practitioners and small practices. Alexander and his firm, InterNetwork IT, help attorneys identify, deploy, and manage security solutions and keep firms running efficiently. 

AI is shaking up everything. We’ll talk about Microsoft AI “Copilots” and how Microsoft is integrating AI into your entire PC experience. You’ll be surprised at how this combination works for both Windows and Macs.

Learn how to check security settings. Breaches are real and can be costly. Hear why it’s so important (and easy) to back up your files offsite

We’ve seen some tremendous tools in both productivity and security. If you aren’t keeping up, you might be missing out on some time saving hacks (even a way to convert handwriting to text built into your Snipping tool). Get the scoop on this episode of New Solo. . 

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  • AI is changing a lot, including the simplest tasks. In our latest tech talk, dive into AI products that plug right into your web browsers.
  • Why file security is so important (and protecting your files is easier than you think … if you pay attention).
  • Some daily activities require specific security efforts, including Payment Card Industry (PCI) security and even, if you work with medical information, HIPAA security. But you can do it.  

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