Two friends of the podcast return for this episode of New Solo to talk all things legal tech and the latest in AI services for lawyers. Guests Renee Thompson and Liz McCausland are both accomplished mediators and solo practitioners who depend on tech to boost productivity and keep up with their busy lives.

AI is an emerging technology that is finding its way to more and more law offices. McCausland and Thompson served on a Florida Bar committee to draft an advisory opinion laying out ethical guidelines for the use of AI in legal practice.

With ethical guardrails published, what’s next? A best practices guide and clear definitions and examples of AI for legal services. Client consent, the impact on fees and confidentiality, and even how judges view the use of AI and informing the court that AI played a role in your presentation are all pieces of the puzzle.

It’s a brave new world. Where can attorneys new to AI find mentoring, what will clients and courts expect, and what about billing?

Plus, hear about the Florida Bar’s Solo & Small Firms Section and how other solo and small firms are incorporating legal technologies. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, but if you take in all these new tools step-by-step, you’ll quickly find yourself up to speed and exploring new frontiers.

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  • Hear from two lawyers who helped the Florida Bar Association develop ethical guidelines for attorneys adopting AI technologies into their practice.
  • New tools are emerging at a rapid clip. But if you take it step-by-step, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Every small and solo firm is different. There’s no single “right way” to incorporate legal tech into your practice, but the days of a legal pad and pen are in the past. Stay current or fall behind. Help is out there, and you can do this. 

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