“LawTech Connect” on Litera.TV, airs live on Mondays from 10.30-11am – but you can always watch it later (right here

I’m excited to become a host on LiteraTV! My segment, “LawTech Connect”, airs live on Mondays from 10.30-11am – but

In this bonus episode, host Adriana Linares and her guest Neil J. Squillante share insights and industry trends featured in

Legal marketing expert Conrad Saam returns for Part 2 of his conversation with host Adriana Linares to explain why for

About a third of Americans are working from home because of the coronavirus. It took a pandemic to force  many

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Legal professionals who are transitioning from WordPerfect to Word frequently ask how to reveal codes in Word. While the “reveal

Adriana on LiteraTV - The Changing Normal: Paperless Law FirmsIn the final episode of our special series on paperless law

Marketing is an essential business tool, but many lawyers lack the expertise needed to leverage it in their law firms.