Is the secret to your law firm’s success a triangle?

Guest Christopher T. Anderson is a law practice management consultant (and host of the Legal Talk Network’s Un-Billable Hour). Anderson shares the “triangle” of a successful law firm: Acquiring clients; Producing the results you promised; and Achieving and Measuring the impact and success of your firm.

Anderson’s unique take on law firm management is built on thinking of law as a real business first. Why are you doing what you do?

Acquiring new clients means building on referrals, creating relationships, and paid marketing. Know and tell your story.

Producing results translates to setting client expectations (and meeting them), and doing your best work. Establish a “North Star” for every case.

And then there’s achieving and measuring the results for your business stakeholders. Where do you want to be? What separates good law firms from great ones? A law firm is a business, it’s OK to admit that.

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  • Building a law firm is building a business. Don’t forget that!
  • There are three “sides” to building a firm: attracting clients, satisfying clients, and achieving business success.
  • Every part of your legal career is intentional, it’s not luck. Know what you are trying to achieve.