New Solo Podcast: Journey to the Cloud – From Abacus to Clio

Legal tech coach Adriana Linares unveils a new format for New Solo with a new ask-the-expert segment, pairing a veteran practitioner with a new solo.

First, Linares welcomes guest Brad Reese to review his firm’s shift to a cloud-based practice management solution, from taking the plunge to dealing with serial complainers during implementation.

An associate at the firm, Reese, took on overseeing the tech transition, including evaluating options, making a selection, and following through with implementation.

As they walk through the migration steps, Linares shares tips for firms evaluating cloud-based options that work best for their needs.

And kicking off our New Insights segment, Oregon solo Robert Southwell asks veteran Southern California lawyer Eric Ganci about when to opt for a bench trial over a jury trial.

Brad Reeser is an associate of Mason, Mason, Walker & Hedrick in Newport News, Virginia.

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