A new survey finds that clients care deeply about their attorney’s tech tools and tech skills. The numbers don’t lie: Legal tech matters. An efficient, integrated system is no longer “nice to have.” It’s table stakes, from case management to client communications to online filing and billing. 

As a lawyer, guest Dan Lear found himself gravitating to the field of legal tech, including stints at Microsoft and Avvo and now as vice president of partnerships at InfoTrack, helping software developers provide the tech today’s lawyers, and their clients, want. 

If you’re running your own firm, hear what clients say about their attorney’s tech skills and their expectations and how you can explore and implement the latest tools. 

And if you’re a law school graduate who has found you aren’t truly attracted to traditional legal work, hear about the fascinating opportunities for lawyers in the field of legal tech development and consulting.

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  • A new survey finds clients care (deeply) about their attorney’s tech and tech skills. And they expect those attorneys to use that tech to efficiently manage their cases
  • Legal tech tools are advancing rapidly. Today’s tools can integrate every facet of a law practice, from case management and scheduling to digitally filing briefs, seamlessly.
  • There are opportunities for law school graduates who don’t want to practice traditional law, instead helping tech firms develop new tools and helping law firms understand and implement those tools. 

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