Still think your small or solo practice can go it alone without a client relationship platform (CRM)? Maybe you don’t have all the facts. From intake to holiday cards to referrals and repeat business, learn how a CRM propels your practice.

Guest Matt Siegel is a serial entrepreneur, attorney, and the CEO of Lawmatics. He believes that a good CRM should free information from “data prisons,” integrate client onboarding, track client data, build relationships, and even manage holiday greetings and follow-ups. It’s all about automation and flexibility, freeing attorneys to do what they do best: practice law.

Stop thinking about being a law firm and start thinking about being a business. You do law, a CRM does client management. Don’t miss this episode.

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  • A CRM isn’t just for big firms. Solo and small firms can get a big boost from an affordable platform.
  • Even after the case is closed, relationships matter. From repeat business to referrals, it’s about staying in touch.
  • The smallest details, like sending holiday cards, gobble up valuable, billable hours. Why not have a management system simplify and speed up those tasks?