Guest attorney Ruth Carter is nothing if not transparent. A client’s failure to plan should not be a cause for crisis to an attorney!

Carter talks openly and honestly with host Adriana Linares about being clear with clients. Tell them your rates up front, even put them on your website. And set “rush rates” for any work that suddenly pops up, it sets expectations and encourages clients to think ahead and plan accordingly. Is your firm incorporating “rush rates” into client contracts?

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  • Using simple, plain language to help clients understand what they are signing and what they are accomplishing.
  • It’s OK to be transparent about your rates and that those rates increase when a matter is suddenly urgent!
  • Being honest about what you do and what clients should expect.

New Insights

In a brand-new series of New Insights, veteran attorney Jennifer Smith Thomas answers questions from new attorney Jennifer Townsend about the challenges of working with her father in her small family-owned firm.

  • Question 1: “My dad has given me a lot of freedom to redesign all the firm’s systems. How do I present my ideas without having him reject all of my plans?” 


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