HIPAA Happens, But Compliance Software Can Help

Clio, the legal tech services giant, provides options that can help firms comply with federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. As many lawyers know – or come to learn – healthcare information can be a third rail. HIPAA regulations create unique knots to untangle when you get anywhere near sensitive healthcare information.

What’s a HIPAA “covered entity,” and how does it affect responsibilities for health records, data protection, and sharing?

What level of security and encryption are required?

And how do new HITECH act vendor data handling regulations affect you?

If you’re representing doctors buying or selling a practice, or representing a nursing home or health provider, it can get messy in a minute.

Attorneys can struggle to comply with all the regulations. But incorporating a comprehensive, firm-wide compliance tech solution can help.

(Plus, learn how to stop misspelling HIPAA, because we’ve all done it).

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  • Guest Joshua Lenon, lawyer and data protection officer at Clio, explains how tech solutions can help lawyers meet HIPAA healthcare data requirements.
  • HIPAA regs can sneak into all sorts of legal work, including the buying and selling of medical practices or a medical malpractice case.
  • …and HIPAA regs are constantly evolving. Are you keeping up?

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