This inspiring episode tells the true story of a gutsy dad who started his own legal practice from scratch with no clients, no office, and no partner. 

Guest Michael Mendoza is an Orlando solo practitioner specializing in family law. After graduating from law school with a growing family, Mendoza knew he wanted work/life balance instead of burying himself in a big firm with long hours. For Mendoza, the practice of family law is personal, having witnessed his parents’ contentious divorce. 

Hear how Mendoza started with nothing, rolled up his sleeves, and launched a practice from putting together his tech to building his client base. How did he find clients? Did he advertise? What about a website? Or office space? 

It’s been tough. But the combination of running his own practice and the satisfaction of helping families through a difficult period has proven rewarding. Mendoza’s story is a guide for young lawyers who want to hang out a shingle (he even has an employee now). 

Nothing is easy. Nothing is perfect. It’s scary. But you can do this.

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  • Starting your own law firm is anything but easy. But it can be done. Hear first-hand from one attorney who did just that, from the ground up. 
  • Software? Office space? Clients? Employees? Financials? There are a lot of balls in the air once you start juggling. 
  • What are the best and worst decisions you can make starting out? (Hint: find a mentor).


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