In an innovative and self-care focused episode, host Adriana Linares talks with author, professor, attorney and self-proclaimed “poster child of introversion and shyness” Heidi Brown. Hear how she learned to succeed in the high-pressure atmosphere of legal practice. 

Learn to untangle your communication traits and internal turmoil. Listen to your mind – and your body – and understand your strengths and abilities. If you struggle to speak up, to confidently share your ideas, or understand how you process information and energy, you are not alone.

Brown, author of “The Introverted Lawyer: A Seven-Step Journey Toward Authentically Empowered Advocacy” and “Untangling Fear in Lawyering: A Four-Step Journey Toward Powerful Advocacy,” delves into the feelings of stress and anxiety that can hold us back. 

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– It’s OK to be introverted or shy as a lawyer. Acceptance can help you work through your unique challenges.

– Understand feelings of stress and anxiety (and the difference between being shy and being an introvert).

– Just like any professional athlete or performer, you can seek outside help, coaching, mentoring, and other services to help you be your best.


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