I’m excited to become a host on LiteraTV! My segment, “LawTech Connect”, airs live on Mondays from 10.30-11am – but you can always watch it later (right here or on YouTube). My first interview is with San Diego attorney, Kimberly Swierenga. Known as “Elder Fraud Fighter”, Kim talks about her practice, her passion for it and her tech (of course!). Hope you enjoy the conversation.

About LawTech Connect on LiteraTV

For 20+ years law firms big and small have called on Adriana Linares to uncover their weak links and streamline their practices. Her endless curiosity about what makes law firms tick and her enthusiasm for technology is infectious. Join Adriana live on Mondays at 10.30am ET on LiteraTV as she disarms successful lawyers with her wit and humor and gets them to divulge their pearls of wisdom that were often learned the hard way – they’ll talk shop and share insights about technology, marketing, finance, and management.