NetDocuments – Configuring Chrome to Work with Court Websites 

Chrome, Chrome, Chrome – be sure you are in CHROME browser.

The NetDocuments Chrome Extension simplifies the process of uploading documents from NetDocuments to other websites, it allows you to upload documents directly from NetDocuments to other websites like Court filing websites. The Chrome extension works in conjunction with ndOffice and ndClick and should have been installed with ndClick. It is CRITICAL that you are running the most updated versions of all NetDocument local apps. To be sure you are, please start with a quick “ND Health Check

  1. Begin by confirming the ND Chrome Extension is installed in Chrome. You will find it in the toolbar usually inline with URL bar (image 1). If your URL bar is long, extensions may be hidden and you will find them behind the stacked dots at the end of the toolbar (image 2). If you do not see the ND Chrome Extension, click here to add it to Chrome from the Chrome Web Store + see image 3 (close and reopen Chrome if you do have to Add it manually).
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3: If you see this pop-up click “Enable extension”

2) Once you are sure the NetDocuments Chrome Extension has been added to Chrome, and you are logged into all NetDocs components, you can move on to “Connecting” other websites to NetDocuments so you can upload files from ND. You must purposely first identify the website(s) that you wish to connect with NetDocuments (you should only have to do this once for every site):

  • Navigate to the website you wish to connect with NetDocuments
  • Click the NetDocuments Chrome Extension icon  in the upper right corner
  • The following dialog appears:
  • If the site is not yet connected to NetDocuments, the following text will appear:
    This site is not connected to NetDocuments
  • Click Connect to connect the website (all pages) to NetDocuments
  • The text will change to reflect that you have connected this site to NetDocuments:

Upload documents from NetDocuments to connected sites

After a website is connected to NetDocuments, use the website as normal. When you use the website’s file upload capability (usually accessed by clicking [Upload] or [Browse] from the website), the ndOpen dialog will appear, allowing you to select files from NetDocuments (note that you can always bypass NetDocuments and go to your computer files by clicking the COMPUTER icon on the bottom of the left-side navigation panel):


You can then navigate to the desired location and select a document. Click Open to upload the document in the format it currently exists in NetDocuments.

  • You may convert the document to PDF format by checking the box next to Convert to PDF (this may not work for every file or every website – but give it a try!
  • You may save the newly-created PDF as a new version of the existing document by checking the box next to Save exported document as a new version.


If the extension is not working as expected, please find your issue below and follow the troubleshooting steps outlined.

Issue: The NetDocuments Chrome Extension icon does not appear in Chrome

  1. Ensure the NetDocuments Chrome Extension is installed:
    • In Chrome, go to More > More tools > Extensions (chrome://extensions/)
    • If the NetDocuments Chrome Extension is not listed, follow the steps outlined in Installing the NetDocuments Chrome Extension
  2. Ensure the NetDocuments Chrome Extension is enabled:
    • In Chrome, go to More > More tools > Extensions (chrome://extensions/)
    • If the NetDocuments Chrome Extension is listed, make certain the switch is set to Enabled
    • If the extension is enabled but not appearing, remove the extension and reinstall following the steps outlined in Installing the NetDocuments Chrome Extension

Issue: The ndOpen dialog does not appear when clicking an upload button on another website

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