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Installing ndMail for Outlook Online

To enable ndMail, you must install the add-in once through Outlook online. Remember, this is for Outlook ONLINE, not a local installation of Outlook on your PC (or Mac). This WILL allow users who use Outlook on the web/online or to be able to files emails into NetDocuments (useful for Mac and Chromebook users). This feature is for FILING emails only, not for attaching documents from NetDocuments into an email (that is done via ndOffice in Outlook on your desktop). Before you start following the steps below copy the link/url in step 8 onto our clipboard. The video below demonstrates the installation. Suggestion: watch the video first (it’s only 2.5 minutes) then run through the steps below.

  1. Open a browser and navigate to Outlook Web via https://outlook.office365.com.
  2. Login to Outlook.
  3. Select any email.
  4. Select the More Actions () button (next to Reply all and Forward). 
  5. In the drop-down list, select Get Add-ins.
  6. In the opened window, select My add-ins.
  7. Select the Add a custom add-in drop-down menu, and then select Add from URL.
  8. In the Add private add-in from a URL window, enter URL: https://addins.netdocuments.com/ndmailforoffice365/ndMailMobileProd.xml
  9. Select OK > Install (you may see a warning, that’s ok)
  10. Then, you should see it listed and shown as ‘Added” at the bottom on that window. You can then close out the window with the usual X in the upper right.
  11. Return to Outlook, refresh the web page you have Outlook open in.
  12. Click on OR open an email, look for the add-in under the same ellipses you used to install the add-in. Scroll down and find the ndMail add-in, click on it and authenticate / log in to NetDocs as it prompts you.
  13. Scroll down (below the video) for usage instructions.
    FYI: NetDocuments Homepage for ndMail

Interface Overview and Navigation

The Predictions Panel 

After opening ndMail, the Predictions Panel appears. 


The Refresh  button refreshes the predicted filing locations.
The Search  button opens a field to search for more locations.

File an Email to NetDocuments using ndMail

After you install ndMail for Office 365, it automatically generates a list of predictive filing locations to save your email.

To File an Email to NetDocuments: 

  1. Select an email and open ndMail.
  2. Select the check box next to the location name (you can choose more than one).
    • If you do not see your desired filing location in the predictions, select a different cabinet in the Cabinet Selection box and ensure you are looking in the correct Cabinet.
    • Use the Search button to search for a workspace or a folder by any word in the name of the location. Note that predictions improve the more you use ndMail.
    • If you want to make the email only accessible to the internal sender and internal recipients, select the  button > Access > Participants.
    • Use the Refresh button if you need to refresh the predictions for the item.
  3. Select File.

Note:  You do not have to wait until ndMail finishes filing. It is done in the background while you can move on to another email.
If you select an email that is already filed, you will see the location where the item is filed (if you have access to both the message and the location in NetDocuments).

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