The ABA Techshow isn’t just for tech wizards; rather, it should be a vital part of every solo lawyer’s networking plan! Guests Jeannine Abukhater Lambert and Gyi Tsakalakis are co-chairs of the upcoming ABA Techshow, the home of all things tech and your opportunity to see what’s new, and what you’re missing.

Both guests serve unique corners of the legal world and found their paths through different methods. Lambert covers large policy areas through academia, and Tsakalakis is a leader in employing tech into legal marketing, making the most out of any firm. No matter what area of the legal world your career leads you to, knowing how to network and market effectively is vital to your success.

What’s frightening is how many lawyers, across the field, say “tech competence” isn’t relevant. Not only is it relevant, it’s table stakes. If you aren’t confident of your firm’s – or your own – tech know-how, the ABA Techshow can open your eyes, open new pathways, and help you better serve your clients.

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  • Not everyone who graduates from law school ends up practicing law. There are many little corners of the legal world.
  • The upcoming ABA Techshow is your gateway to catching up and latching on to the latest in legal tech AND building your network.
  • Gyi offers listeners some advice on how to start thinking about marketing, even from a young point in one’s career.