You’ve opened your firm, hung out the shingle, and taken the leap. Now that you’ve made it a year or two, what’s next? There’s no step-by-step guide for small and solo practitioners, but you can learn from those who established a solo practice and made it through the first few years and how they’re moving forward. Hear guest Joanne Martin’s story, how she learned to hire, add relevant tech, and build on her success. 

Martin is the founder, managing director, lawyer, and accredited mediator at Align Family Law, a boutique law practice based in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Hear how she joined professional organizations, expanded her marketing, and drove her practice to the next step. 

As you grow, you can build a network of like-minded professionals, ask clients for a Google review, manage and improve your branding and website, and hire a pro when you need technical help (and even personal coaching). You’ll learn as you go, but you can also learn from others.

Once you get your feet under you, it can be tempting to be overly cautious with your emerging practice, but growth is essential. Spend the money when you need to, hire when the practice demands. Get better and bigger. 

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  • Launching a solo firm is hard. But so is taking that firm to the next level. Hear tips for growing beyond a one person show
  • Adding associates and support staff may sound challenging, but making the right additions builds your business and takes routine tasks off your shoulders.
  • It’s OK to spend on the tools and professionals you need, such as legal and practice management software and professional help optimizing your tech, even professional coaching. 

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