Guest Tom L. Drew is a longtime attorney in Des Moines, Iowa. He reached out to New Solo and host Adriana Linares for help modernizing his practice and getting the most out of today’s tech.

Drew is comfortable with computers, but he’s always looking for newer, better, more efficient methods. As a long-time paperless operation, Drew’s office was in a good place when it went remote during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As his office went to a work-from-home environment, Drew was quick to incorporate training sessions and provide the necessary tools to help his team set up comfortable, efficient home offices. He found that money spent on tech is money well spent, and speed and efficiency matters more than cost.

Hear how Drew upgraded software and replaced an on-site server with the cloud for a faster, on-the-go setup. Still unsure about cloud technology, OneDrive, Office 365, remote access, and document sharing? Learn how and where these pieces fit in a modern office.

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  • Guest Tom Drew, longtime solo practitioner, talks about his recent tech makeover and moving from a server to the cloud.
  • It’s not about cost, it’s about productivity and efficiency.
  • In today’s work-from-home environment, being able to collaborate, schedule, and share information is more important than ever. Tech isn’t only for new solos, it’s for established firms too. 

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