Personal injury attorney Joshua “Josh” Bonnici left his first job out of law school to launch his own firm. Starting from scratch, just nine months later he hired his first employee and has been growing ever since. Bonnici built on his own love of cycling to focus on bicycle accidents and injuries, helping bicyclists in the bustling city of San Diego.

Now he’s known as “The Bike Guy” and stands out in the crowded personal injury field by specializing in an area he’s passionate about. He’s an example of specializing in something you love, and he’s sharing his story with new lawyers just starting out.

Bonnici walks us through, step by step, how he took advantage of an available incubator system, learned on the job from a mentor, and built his practice and his reputation. Hear how he got started, networked, built a brand, made himself memorable, and hired an assistant to make himself more productive. Real lessons from real life. 

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  • “Follow your passion” is common advice. But in the case of guest Josua Bonnici, his passion for bicycling helped him stand out in the crowded personal injury field. 
  • Hiring your first employee. Why it’s scary and why it’s necessary.
  • How to develop a website and social media presence with a library of videos and testimonials. 



California Lawyers Association

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

San Diego Bar Association


Joshua Bonnici previous appearance on Legal Talk Network’s “On The Road” podcast