In our previous episode, we talked about getting the most from the software you already pay for and use, especially those Microsoft tools. Now, we’re going deeper into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and how these tools help you be more productive and profitable. Don’t be scared, be ready. 

AI enhancements and tools are already incorporated into the latest versions of your current office software. Remember when some were wary of early word processors, later hard drives, and eventually cloud services and document sharing? We learned to overcome those fears and master the advances. AI is no different.

Look at your paid versions of Adobe Acrobat. If you have an online subscription, or the latest desktop version, you may already have an AI assistant. Learn to use it for contract and document review, document summaries, information consolidation for quick email distribution, and even reformatting. 

Zoom offers AI “note taking” and post-meeting summaries (even a takeaway “to do” list for each participant). So does Microsoft Teams. How about turning a Microsoft Word document into a PowerPoint? Hear how we learned to stop worrying and love the AI.

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  • AI isn’t going anywhere. The technology is weaving its way into products you already pay for and use. Learn how to take advantage.
  • Computer software advances are nothing to be afraid of. Increase productivity, cut repetitive tasks, and free yourself.
  • But AI isn’t magic, and it isn’t as smart as you. Learn to build guardrails and know where you can’t fully trust it. A hammer is a great tool, but it won’t build a house. AI won’t run your practice, but it can help.


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