Guest Levi Barlavi is a “niche practice” solo attorney, focusing on the needs of medical providers. He started his own practice just three years after law school, and, yes, it can be done.

But being a solo, no matter how good you are, requires insights into the available legal tech tools, and it’s OK to ask for help. They don’t teach you this stuff in law school. So how did Barlavi grow a solo practice, learn to plan, create a vision, and incorporate tech and marketing?

Hear how networking, curiosity, conferences, public speaking, and following his passion helped Barlavi develop a practice that excites him and grows by the year. As Barlavi says, get personal, go outside your comfort zone, dive into social media, and “exercise your boldness.”

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  •   Guest Levi Barlavi shares how he followed his passion as a solo practitioner and found a unique niche in healthcare services.
  •   Get outside your comfort zone and express your personality through public speaking, networking, and social media.

Hear how sharing information and being open to conversations builds your reputation, your brand, and your practice.

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