What is Clio?

Clio is a subscription and web-based legal practice management system. Clio includes a full suite of practice management tools targeted specifically to the needs of sole practitioners and small firms. It is web-based, secure, and very easy-to-use. Clio allows you to spend valuable time building your practice rather than worrying about your IT. Since Clio is web based, there is nothing to install, nothing to manage and it can be used on a Mac or PC from wherever you are.

What you might think of as a “file” is referred to as a Matter in Clio. Matters (Client Cases/Files) are the heart of Clio and where all information is linked back to. A Matter is made up of several other components which are accessed through tabs from the main Matter view. Those tabs are Client, Transactions, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, Notes, Time, Expenses, Documents, Communications and Clio Connect.

Does it offer calendaring?

Of course. You can view your calendar by day, week or month. You can view your entire calendar or limit items related to a specific matter. The iCalendar link allows you to export and view your Clio calendar in other applications such as Outlook or iCal. In firms with more than one user, calendar permissions allows you to authorize your calendar for viewing by others, and to select which calendar is visible at a given time.

What about Tasks?

Tasks (or to-dos) can be managed through Clio. You can view your tasks across all of your matters or filter them to show only those related to a specific matter. You can assign a task to yourself or to another user in your firm. In the tasks tab you can see all tasks that you have created. You can also set up a feed of your tasks to an external calendaring program.

How are contacts managed?

From the Contacts view you can create contact cards for clients and other individuals.

How does Clio track time and expense?

Time and expense entries are called Activities. You can also create Activity Descriptions which are meant to pair frequently performed tasks and fees with the associated amount that you bill.

Can I manage my billing through Clio?

Absolutely. You can also set up your Bill Themes which allows for over 150 different customizations to your invoices so that you can generate beautiful, branded invoices. Additionally, you can easily share bills with clients via Clio Connect. Clio Connect is a secure web-based client portal, allowing Clio users to share information and collaborate with clients through an easy-to-use online interface.

Can I manage Trust and Operating accounts with Clio?

Clio allows you to easily track both an aggregate and a client balance of funds you are holding on the client’s behalf.

How can I manage matter documents?

You have the ability to upload documents to Clio and link them to a Matter. Then, anyone in your firm can access those documents. You can also manage versions and add comments to documents. Additionally, you can share documents with clients and contacts via Clio Connect, our secure extranet portal. Clio Connect is a secure web-based client portal, allowing Clio users to share information and collaborate with clients through an easy-to-use online interface.

What kind of reports does Clio generate?

You can generate various types of Reports with Clio. You are able to define reports by different parameters like dates and clients.