Building Successful Law Firms Everyday.

The consultants of LawTech Partners are called upon to advise on a wide variety of needs related to the business side of running a law practice. The legal technology team at LawTech Partners understands that building a strong infrastructure involves a full understanding of the business and how technology can support it.

Our practice management consulting services help your firm evaluate the technical aspects of the practice that encompasses technology, marketing, management, and accounting. We help your law firm ensure that practice and technology systems are working together to support your business goals.

We may be engaged for a one-time assessment to examine potential or existing problems in a practice or to provide ongoing services. Our consultations take place in person, remotely or a combination of both. We have significant experience in the application of technology to legal practice, from helping law firms go paperless to broader areas as litigation support, case management, and infrastructure design.

What can you expect during a consultation?

We are always happy to talk with you at no charge to determine how we can help. From there, we’ll have an “official” first meeting – by phone or hopefully face to face. All stakeholders should be encouraged to attend this meeting, and everyone should openly state any concerns or questions. We’ll ask a lot of questions because we need to understand how things currently work in your office before making any recommendations.

We may determine that individual or further interviews should be held. This will vary depending on the defined goals, but in many cases, it would be important for us to speak to as many attorneys and/or supporting staff that are involved or impacted. We hope you will encourage everyone to communicate candidly with us.
Our recommendations come in the form of actual conversations and discussions with you or in a formal report – that’s up to you and your budget. It may also be determined that a full technology audit is in the best interest of your goals.

What do we expect from you?

Information! We may be able to let you know what information will be required in advance of our meeting (all depending on your goals with us) or we may ask you pull together reports or data that weren’t available during our meetings.

We hope for 100% cooperation and open minds. While we know that often “that’s the way we’ve always done it” is they why, we don’t like to think that’s how it should always stay. And we hope you don’t either. We really look forward to creating a long term and trusted relationship with your firm. Please contact us to ask questions and get to know us better.