Transforming Your Clunky Word Documents into Custom, Formatted and Structured Templates

The Challenge

The expert design and formatting of your Microsoft Word documents are paramount. Yet, many law firms struggle with documents that are poorly formatted, especially those converted from WordPerfect. Attorneys and their staff often lack professional training in Microsoft Word’s advanced formatting features, leading to poorly crafted documents. These inadequacies become particularly evident when dealing with complex elements such as varied page numbering across sections, or automated Tables of Contents or Tables of Authorities. Such issues not only hinder the drafting process but also reflect poorly on the professional image of the firm.

The Solution

As Microsoft Word experts specializing in legal documents, we offer a document design services tailored to law firms. We take your existing documents, no matter how chaotically formatted, and transform them into professionally formatted and easy-to-work with forms. This service includes:

  • Comprehensive Reformatting: Revamping documents to ensure they are not just visually appealing, but also structured for easy navigation and editing.
  • Creating Documents from Scratch: Often times a document is “too far gone” and carries too much old baggage. They contain too many elements left over from previous relationship and the best way to “clean them up” is to simply start over.
  • Advanced Formatting Techniques: Formatting elements of documents with section breaks, section-specific page numbering, pleading line numbering, automated Tables of Contents, and Tables of Authorities, all aligned with the unique requirements of legal documents.
  • Efficiency and Clarity: Redesigning documents to enhance readability and drafting efficiency, saving valuable time for legal professionals.
  • Training and Support: Offering guidance and training on your new documents so you, or your staff, are able to work on your documents with less frustration and lots of efficiency.
    We do not work with merge documents. We do not insert merge fields for document assembly tools or services.
    We do not work in WordPerfect, Pages, Google Docs or any other word processing tools, this service is geared toward creating and outputting Microsoft Word documents (always in the most version offered by Microsoft 365).

The Process

You provide us with your forms that have been stripped of client/case data and answer a few questions about your preferences for the document/s and we get to work!

Fees and Costs

Our pricing model for expertly formatting and transforming your legal Word documents begins at a competitive rate of $250 per hour, a reflection of the high quality, efficiency, and speed of our specialized service. The total project time and cost are influenced by several factors, including the initial condition of the document, the necessity for complete reconstruction, the complexity of elements like outline numbering, cross-references, and complex tables, as well as the document’s length. We customize our services to meet the specific requirements of each project, ensuring you receive the most efficient and value-driven solution for your legal document needs. We’ll assess these factors and provide a comprehensive and transparent estimate, guaranteeing a service that aligns with your expectations!

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