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New Solo Podcast: An Interview with Seth Godin

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Distinguishing themselves from the field by becoming exceptionally valuable to clients in ways others can’t is one way Seth Godin says lawyers can aim to build successful practices. Godin, an entrepreneur and author of 19 books, speaks with host Adriana Linares and Clio CEO Jack Newton about how lawyers can think more innovatively about marketing, positioning, and offering clients solutions.

Repeating a point he made during his Clio Cloud 2020 keynote, Godin says clients don’t wake up with a billable-hour problem. They wake up with real problems. He says lawyers can better serve their businesses and their clients if they position themselves to solve those specific problems. There’s no issue of scarcity, he says, noting the world is replete with problems.

The three discuss practical advice for BigLaw “refugees” who hang their shingles, from making the leap and surviving the “dip” to embracing the technology that makes client interactions run smoothly.

Jack Newton is CEO and co-founder of Clio.

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker.

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