For solos sharing office space with other attorneys, there are advantages, but also potential headaches. How do you navigate this arrangement?

Guest Jared Correia is a podcaster, lawyer, and full-time business management consultant, sort of the lawyer you know who knows how to run a business. For clients, he digs into law firm management from the very high-level strategy to the nuts and bolts of tech and daily operations.

Shared offices create issues with malpractice insurance, shared practice management software, and clearly communicating your solo status while working in what to a client may appear to be a firm.

Plus, the important distinctions between website chat capability, automated chatbots, and the emergence of true artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT. Learn where each product can fill gaps in your practice and turn leads into clients. Tech that may make your solo practice work like a larger firm.

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  • Practice management problems attorneys in a shared office space encounter.
  • Incorporating online chat and chatbots on your website, capture more leads.
  • And where does the latest – ChatGPT artificial intelligence – fit?

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