“Solo By Choice” Update! Opening Your Own Shop

Longtime friend of Legal Talk Network Carolyn Elefant – author, mentor, blogger, and solo practitioner – joins host Adriana Linares with a huge update to her hit book “Solo by Choice.”

Get a one-stop-shop overview for any new solo practitioner. The pandemic, social media, online content, and business generation trends are shaking the legal practice bedrock.

The online conferencing and virtual offices of the pandemic are challenging the need for a formal office. Billing practices and options are shifting. Virtual assistants and freelancers are the norm. Clients are looking to new sources for attorneys.

Of course, you still need paying clients. Hear ideas on how to fully commit to your practice, find your niche, and build business from day one. Plus, business practice requirements, customer relationship programs, insurance, licensing, cybersecurity, and legal tech software. There’s no better time for new solo practitioners to ask for what they want – and get it. What’s ahead for the legal profession?

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  • Guest, lawyer and author Carolyn Elefant shares tips for the modern era from her newly revised book, “Solo By Choice.”
  • All you need to know about starting a solo or small practices, from software to cybersecurity.
  • What’s new for the legal profession in a post-pandemic world? 

New Insights

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