The episode you’ve been waiting for. An all-Mac special with real Mac experts. More and more lawyers are using Apple Mac tech, including iPones, iPads, and laptops.

In the past, there were challenges shifting between Mac and Microsoft, but today’s practice management programs can work on both systems. You like Macs? Then go for it, there is less and less to hold you back.

Why Mac over PC? Cost, battery life, integrations between iPhones, the Apple watch, and iPads, as well as security are considerations. Only 15% to 20% of lawyers use Macs, so you do need to think things through and ensure you can share information with your Microsoft colleagues and opposing counsel. There are advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you understand every aspect.

There are some basics to getting started. Maybe most important is to not “cheap out” when you’re getting your computer system set up. Our guests explain what you need, including processor speed and memory. It all matters. Law is your business, your computer is your tool. If you’re investing anywhere, it’s here. RAM? ROM? Gigs? Ports? What do you need?

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  • Lawyers use Macs. Yes, it happens, and it can go well.
  •  Know what kind of needs you have and learn how to use your Mac to your advantage. Speed, cross-platform exchanges, and even weight matter.
  • Programs abound for Mac lawyers. It’s not like the olden days when Microsoft programs only worked on Microsoft platforms. Adobe, Word, Excel all can work smoothly on a Mac.

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