Who owns the documents and emails when NetDocuments hosts my law firms’ files?

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May 19, 2019

Your firm owns the files saved into NetDocuments. NetDocs are simply custodians of your documents. Only your firm and authorized users have access to your documents.

The information you store in NetDocuments, referred to in the NetDocuments Service Level Agreement as Customer Digital Files (CDF), are owned by your firm, the organization as identified in the NetDocuments repository administration screens. NetDocuments and the data center operations employees do not view, disclose, divulge, release, e-mail, copy, duplicate, reproduce, send or transfer a CDF in whole or in part to any third party without the express permission of the data owner. On rare occasions data owners will request and authorize NetDocuments personnel to access CDF content for support, validation, data upload, debugging and other reasons. Each workstation is capable of echoing any and all documents opened in the last few months (time length determined by the firm administrator), making the documents available for business continuity.

While it is understood that for support purposes certain CDFs may be accessible by NetDocuments employees, it is a NetDocuments policy that employees are forbidden to view, read, discuss or expose the document contents, unless the nature of the support requirement is such that reading the contents is absolutely mandatory. In such a situation, the employee must have prior written permission to read the CDF contents from the information owner via a formal access grant in the NetDocuments service and from an express authorization by a NetDocuments Officer. NetDocuments has achieved SAS 70 Type II and Truste EU Safe Harbor Certifications, acknowledging that NetDocuments delivers its SaaS content management service and its web site in accordance with these standards and rigorous audits. SAS 70 has evolved to a new standard named SSAE 16.


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