Can I ever lose documents?

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June 22, 2019
No, you will never lose documents. Unlike other document systems, while editing documents, the NetDocuments service will always automatically save a document locally to your computer first, then upload it the global data center, and finally obtain confirmation that the information has positively and definitively arrived in the repository before closing the transaction. Once in the data center, NetDocuments has a sophisticated world-class mechanism to maintain the integrity of the document via non-repudiation technologies. NetDocuments has also developed the “Check-in List” technology, ensuring that multiple documents edited in the workstation simultaneously will always be accounted for, even during power failures or Internet-service interruption. If the Internet is down, users can continue creating new documents or edit existing ones, and the service will automatically auto-synchronize them into the repository when the Internet is restored and when the user logs back into NetDocuments. NetDocuments also provides “concurrency control,” avoiding a second user from inadvertently changing the contents of a document while it is being edited by someone else, and ensures upload integrity via “check-sum” technology.


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